Watch the Blueprint for Bronzeville Documentary

Blueprint for Bronzeville is a 40 minute documentary film about a group of citizens on Chicago’s south side working to ensure affordable homeownership in their historic neighborhood.

Key Issues: urban planning, gentrification, displacement, poverty, affordable homeownership, restrictive covenants, racism, urban renewal, public housing, corruption, the Olympics, development

Screening at:

Collected Voices Film Festival, Chicago (Thursday, Oct 12th)

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Gary International Black Film Festival (Saturday, Oct 14th)

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Praise for the Blueprint for Bronzeville Documentary


Blueprint for Bronzeville accomplishes something special: it captures the struggle for social justice as a process in real time, in all its agonies and ecstasies. Palpitating humanity coming up against bureaucratic inanity, real people fighting and and winning, then fighting and failing, one step forward, one step back, but always somehow regrouping for more. A splendid documentary.”

— Rick Perlstein, historian & author


“One of the things that I enjoyed so much about the film is the history that you provide of Bronzeville.”

— Tony Sarabia, WBEZ Chicago


Blueprint for Bronzeville is an incredible and important documentary that chronicles a narrative that has been mostly hidden from all Chicago and global communities.”

— Sherry Williams, President, Bronzeville Historical Society